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SBA and Small Business Majority recognize that more can be done to meet the challenges of youth unemployment while also meeting the needs of small businesses. We have a unique opportunity to match young people ready and willing to work with employers who need their help to build and secure their business future. We are committed to identifying meaningful career and educational opportunities for our nation’s opportunity youth while at the same time meeting the human capital needs of small businesses.

SBA sees the positive impact entrepreneurship plays in our economy and works to provide opportunities and resources for young people with programs and courses created with them in mind. SBA’s youth page, is a great launching pad with links to training and resources geared toward helping young people that are looking to start their own businesses. SBA understands that America’s youth play an important part in growing our economy and that entrepreneurship and small business ownership can provide them the ability to create jobs and strengthen the economy.

Below are several resources and tools that can help small businesses be part of the solution to youth unemployment.

  • Small employers interested in developing an apprenticeship program should visit the Department of Labor’s Quick Start Toolkit designed to help build registered apprenticeship programs.
  • The Federal Resources Playbook for Apprenticeships is another resource for employers interested in apprenticeship programs.
  • SBA offers an online course for aspiring young entrepreneurs, available in both English and Spanish.
  • SBA’s new LINC tool connects borrowers with SBA approved lenders.
  • SBA’s Business Plan Tool provides a step-by-step guide for new entrepreneurs developing a business plan.
  • Small employers interested in learning more about the solution can check out this issue brief on connecting at-risk youth with promising occupations.